Disney Star Wars X-Wing 2nd Edition: Rebel Alliance Conversion Kit for sale

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Item No. 6805058662778P Bring hope to the galaxy as the battles of the Star Wars galaxy play out on your tabletop with the Rebel Alliance Conversion Kit for X-Wing Second Edition! This kit brings your squad into the future as you upgrade your Rebel ship collection.


Magic in the details

Containing more than 100 upgrade cards, the conversion kit gives you the power to customize your squad as you see fit while new maneuver dials make planning your actions easier than ever before.

  • Four plastic Medium Ship bases
  • Medium plastic pegs
  • 43 Ship tokens
  • 37 Maneuver Dials
  • 23 Dial ID tokens
  • 84 Ship cards
  • 163 Upgrade cards
  • Two Condition cards
  • Eight Turret Arc Indicators
  • 24 other tokens

Additional Information:
  • Adapts your collection of Rebel Alliance ships from the First Edition into X-Wing Second Edition
  • Contains a vast array of new ship cards and tokens, including iconic pilots like Han Solo, Wedge Antilles, and Ezra Bridger
  • New maneuver dials bring your ships into the future of X-Wing
  • Created by Fantasy Flight

The bare necessities

  • Plastic / cardstock
  • Packaging: 8 5/8'' W x 2'' D x 11 1/8'' L
  • Imported

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